About Us

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional service and the best possible outcome for every client we work with whether it is a home buyer, land developer, investor or builder. 

My philosophy has always been client satisfaction, whether that client is the Developer, Investor, Home Buyer or Builder. RPG’s approach guarantees that customer service is a given, not an afterthought. This is the foundation of our success at Rava Property Group.

- Ray Gill

Small town residential street of new town homes.

About Rava Property Group

What makes RPG unique?  What makes us different from others in our business is the exceptional level of service we offer and the analysis, guidance, and negotiation skill we bring to the table - the very foundations of any real estate venture.   From land purchase to land development to construction and to sales, RPG can assist you at any and every level.   

We make it our business to understand the way the market and consumers interact, but the key to our success is in how we interact with our clients. We’d like to think that everyone who works with us is enriched by the experience. We see ourselves as an approachable, perceptive and honest partner, diligent about making sure that our clients’ interests are served and their expectations of real estate transactions are fulfilled.   

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